Family Business

Peter Morton moved to Cyprus from UK back in 2006 with his wife and four young children.

Peter spotted an opening in the removal market here in Cyprus and started small local removals. The workload increased, as did the enquiries to move overseas. Peter astutely picked up on this and invested in operations to start the shipping side of his business.

The business continued to increase and Peter then opted to move to a warehouse, where we were able to begin to grow the storage side of the business, in compliance with BAR (British Association of Removers) standards. This aspect of the business was in high demand.

What we can Provide:

Basically, we are primarily a shipping, removal and storage Company but alongside this we offer many specialist extras to ensure your relocation goes smoothly. 

See below for more details:

  • We have an in house workshop where we are able to build bespoke crates for items such as tv’s, fine arts, valuable antiques, fragile ornaments, motorbikes and sentimental items which are irreplaceable.
  • We have ramps within our vehicles so we can load or unload your car at your property if required.
  • In order to move pianos, you will need specialist equipment, which we have as standard.
  • We order all our packing materials from the UK and they are of a standard approved by The BAR (British Association of Removers).
  • Our vehicles are fully loaded with packing materials such as boxes in various sizes, bubble wrap, bubble blankets, mattress bags, sofa bags, tape and packing paper. These are also available at our office for sale.

Just over two years ago, PMR then moved to even bigger premises. We now have over 600 storage crates, eight trailers to move containers, 25 members of full time staff and 14 removal trucks.

A true success story,  due to hard work and dedication not only Peter but from THE team around him. Peter insists customer satisfaction has been paramount in his success,  leading to further recommendations.