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Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to have the simplest, easiest  transport experience possible. But we know you might have a few questions. Read on for details about  shipping, checking delivery status, insurance and more.

Do you ship cars to the UK or vice versa?2020-11-27T07:21:50+00:00

Yes. You can find more information following the link:

Can you ship my goods overseas?2020-11-27T07:20:59+00:00

Yes. We would be pleased to give you a quote to ship your goods to your chosen destination. Our trained removals team can export wrap your goods and make them ready for shipment.

What size are your storage containers?2020-11-27T07:20:36+00:00

The storage containers are 35sq.ft and 8 ft. high (a total of 250 cubic feet).
5’ (width) x 7’ (depth) x 8’ (height)

When do I pay for my storage?2020-11-27T07:20:08+00:00

When you have been quoted a fixed rate for storage, your initial storage payment will be paid as cleared funds before collection day.

How much notice is required to book in a removal?2020-11-27T07:08:01+00:00

We ask for as much notice as possible.

When do I pay for my removal?2020-11-27T07:05:23+00:00

On or before the collection day.

Do we have to supervise throughout the entire move?2020-11-27T06:55:24+00:00

The degree of supervision of the removal is down to you. You do not have to be present during the move, although preferable. The Foreman oversees the professional packing and loading of a vehicle allocated to your removal. Suppose you have specific handling requirements of individual pieces of furniture or objects. In that case, you can communicate these to your Foreman in advance.

How long will my removal take?2020-11-27T06:54:58+00:00

Our surveyors are trained to plan your move with as minimum disruption as possible. If you would like to have an idea of how long we expect your move to take, please ask the office who can refer to the estimator’s notes.

Can I access my goods whilst in store?2020-11-27T06:54:39+00:00

Yes. Access to the storage facilities is available during office opening hours. Our container storage requires advanced booking for access.

Do you have storage facilities?2020-11-27T06:54:16+00:00

Yes. You can read more information on our storage facilities through this link:

What time do you start?2020-11-27T06:53:21+00:00

Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00-16:00.

Do you work on Sunday?2020-11-27T06:52:57+00:00


What is the BAR Association?2020-11-27T06:52:34+00:00

BAR is the trade association for removal and storage services in the UK. It represents and promotes more than 450 UK removals companies (1,000+ branches) as well as over 250 International Associates worldwide.

Is there a set rate for removal services?2020-11-27T06:52:06+00:00

There isn’t a set rate for removal services; it depends on the size of your home, your belongings, your furniture, the removal service you want and need and the distance from your home to your new home. If you are relocating, then this will add additional cost to your removal service for the extra time and fuel costs.

Do you dismantle office furniture?2020-11-27T06:51:41+00:00

All depends on the condition of the furniture, lift size in the building and distance to the new offices. Our experienced surveyor will inform you.

Do you provide special packing materials and crates for office removal?2020-11-27T06:51:13+00:00

Yes. We provide all range of packing materials for commercial move and including IT crates rental.

How much does the survey cost and how long does it take?2020-11-27T06:50:11+00:00

The survey is free of charge, and it takes between 10 to 30 minutes, depends on the size of the property.

Do you offer insurance for removals and storage?2020-11-27T06:49:34+00:00

Yes. We offer goods in transit insurance for moving and storage insurance, all included in our quotations.

Do you offer dismantling and re-assembly of furniture?2020-11-27T06:49:10+00:00

Yes. Our team is fully trained to dismantle and re-assembly most of the furniture. IKEA furniture is exempt.

Do you charge for storage access?2020-11-27T06:48:37+00:00

No, we do not.

Can we pack ourselves?2020-11-27T06:47:44+00:00

Yes. We can supply packing material prior to the moving day. We recommend leaving all fragile items for us, pictures, mirrors, lamps and antiques in particular.

Do you offer packing materials?2020-11-27T06:46:23+00:00

Yes, we offer a wide range of packing materials for removal and storage.

Do you offer a packing service?2020-11-27T06:45:54+00:00

Yes, we offer full or part-packing service as well as a fragile pack.

Do you offer part-packing service?2020-11-27T06:45:33+00:00

We can do part-packing service. We always recommend the client to pack personal items, clothes, toys and documents. We recommend leaving for us kitchen, all art, pictures, mirrors, statues, all fragile items and furniture.

Can you do the packing and moving in one day?2020-11-27T06:45:03+00:00

It depends on how big is your property. Usually, we try to finish the job in one day.

What services do you offer?2020-11-27T06:44:26+00:00

We provide moving, packing, storage and clearance. We also provide packing materials.

I am moving from the U.K to Cyprus, Can you help me?2023-03-14T14:37:40+00:00

Yes, of course our UK branch will be able to assist you.

Is the quote free?2019-08-29T14:19:53+00:00

Of course! We will visit you and provide a free no-obligation quote to suite your needs. Simply complete our Quick Enquiry form and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit.

I need to move my business to a new office, can you do this?2019-10-04T09:43:04+00:00

Yes, we can provide an experienced team to move your office or business. Our team is able to dismantle and reassemble all furniture required. We also have a forklift for high rise offices when needed.

Where are you based?2020-11-27T06:43:51+00:00

We, have an excellent purpose built U.K spec warehouse located in Agia Vavara which we use for all our secure storage and loading of containers and consignments. See our contact page for further details and map.

Do you have secure storage for my goods?2022-11-25T18:55:57+00:00

Yes, we can provide a secure storage facility built to U.K specifications and storage crates that are 250 cubic feet and are sole use! No longer do you have to share space in a metal container. Our facility has been built to the highest possible standards to provide you with the best possible service!

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