So six months after our epic move we are so pleased to report we have settled in to our fantastic new storage facility. Our storage crates were already full and we ordered another thirty straight away which we have now also filled and have ordered another thirty, taking our total to 350 and still only charging €10.00 plus VAT per week. We are able to store vehicles, boats, trailers and motorbikes both inside and outside now, whichever is the customer’s preference. As we have had such an increase in the collection of stored goods we have just invested in another vehicle capable of carrying three of the crates at once. Basically when we receive an enquiry for the storing of goods at our depot, our surveyor Peter will make an appointment to visit your house or office and ascertain how many storage crates will be needed. You will have the option to pack boxes yourself or leave it to the professionals! Once cost and the date has been agreed, we will load however many empty storage crates on to our vehicles – we have vehicles capable of taking 5 at once, 3 at once and two taking 2 at once. When the goods are loaded safely in to our crates at your house or office, the front door is reattached and the crates are then brought back to our warehouse, where they are logged on the system by reference number and position and then fork lifted into the area they will remain in until you ask for them to be returned or shipped out of the country. If you wish them to be returned the crate is fork lifted back on to our vehicle and taken to your residence, the door removed and unloaded back to where they came from. But please remember even though we have fantastic storage facilities we still offer local removals, corporate moves and imports and exports worldwide. We are extremely proud of our storage facility and would invite anyone and everyone to come and visit us by appointment.