International moves

International Moves Company – As Cyprus shipping agents, it’s not just household goods that we move to and from Cyprus.
We can also arrange for goods and products to be shipped to Cyprus too.

Mark Chudley International Moving and Shipping. Contact us now. We’ll be pleased to help.

As an overview we offer international moves, either within Europe or Worldwide. 

There are various aspects to these relocations so please see below for the full description of the services.

Relocations within Europe – sole use and groupage shipments – the difference being:

International Moves Peter morton removals car

Sole Use Shipment

this would be a container solely for use by yourself.  We are able to load this at your home or at our warehouse, should access be inappropriate or storage needed beforehand.

Once the container is fully loaded to your satisfaction we will custom seal the doors in front of you.  This seal will be intact as it arrives at your new home.

We will arrange all necessary paperwork through customs.

The container will be shipped to your new home, with a mutually convenient delivery date, unloaded and placement of goods as per your instructions.

Shipping Freight

Groupage Shipments to the UK

this option is viable if you have less amounts to ship or just a vehicle. Your goods will be packed and collected as per your instructions.  Whilst we load the goods in to our vehicles at your home, we will put your name, your individual reference number and a corresponding inventory number from our list on each item.

The goods will be transshipped at our depot on to our weekly groupage container which is held within our secure warehouse until full.  This container will be sealed within our warehouse, transported to Limassol port by our own lorry, shipped to our UK partner, Chudley International (link pls).

Once the container is unloaded Chudley International will arrange to deliver each customers goods as and when required by yourselves.

Air Cargo

Groupage shipments – outside of the UK

The same procedure is done as above but your goods will be taken individually to our shipping agents warehouse at Limassol port.  Once the goods are shipped to your desired Country, you will be contacted to arrange the delivery of your goods.

The Process – International Moves:

  • For any of the above options either to or from Cyprus, we would after the initial enquiry arrange for our surveyor to visit your home to see exactly what it is you wish to move.
  • You will be provided with a detailed quotation covering everything that will be included and excluded within your relocation.
  • Below are different variations we offer for the work we are able to carry out:
    • Professional packing of all goods
    • The option to pack your goods yourself
    • We can offer part pack e.g. fragiles only
    • Crating of tv’s, delicate and valuable items, even motorbikes within our in house workshop
    • Professional wrapping of furniture
    • Dismantling and reassembling of furniture at destination
    • Loading of vehicles on site
    • Professional crating and loading of pianos

Please note the only difference between moves outside Europe and within Europe is the paperwork.  We at PMR employ qualified trained staff who will talk you through all aspects of required paperwork within our service.