Meet the Team

Peter Morton Profile Image

Peter: Founder  

Peter is at the helm of the company and runs the manual side of PMR. You will find him either surveying or around the office and warehouse mainly concentrating on the day to day running of everything along with fleet management.

Debbie Morton profile

Debbie: Co-Founder 

Debbie is the co-founder of PMR. Her and Peter came to Cyprus from the UK back in 2006 with their, four young children. She primarily does accounts now but from the beginning set up the running of the office and the procedures that are now in place. She does HR to ensure all the staff are happy and well.

Stacey Morton Profile

Stacey: Office Manager 

Stacey is the second daughter of Peter and Debbie. She started working in the office since she was 16 years old. After 12 Years of learning the industry inside and out, Stacey became our Office Manager. She will know any answer to your question from any concerns about your moving process to dealing with any problems that may arise during the course of the day.

Costas profile image

Costa: Logistics Manager 

Costas joined PMR back in 2013. (He is not a Morton but he does feel like one). Costas is the head of our logistics team. He deals with all the logistics side of the business along with investigating all necessary procedures and paperwork our shipments need. He is behind the scenes guy but has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the logistics industry.