Marine Insurance

Although we take great care in the packing, we strongly recommend that you take out Marine Insurance to cover you for door to door movement of your consignment.
Remember some parts of the process are beyond our direct control, such as the container movement & shipping time.
We offer excellent policies from NSG International Services through Prime Insurance for:

  • Super All Risk (A), 3% of total value of your consignment with a minimum payment of €150. No excess.
  • Standard All Risks (B) 2.5% of your total value with a minimum payment of €100. With an excess of €200.00 per loss or 1% of shipment value on shipments of over €20,000.00
  • Restricted Cover(C) 1.5% of your total value with minimum payment of €75. No excess.
Marine insurance

When completing the form please note that the valuation must be in Euro, if you pack yourself you can only take out Restricted Cover.

You can also Insure your removal Costs and we are able to offer additional coverage for some standard exclusions such as Pairs & Sets, Mildew and Electrical derangement – please contact us for more details.

If you are planning on storing your goods after shipment, please be aware the marine insurance policy only covers up to 1 month after the container has docked, you are able to extend this so please contact us for details.

Please note the above rates are only applicable to shipments within the European Union. Shipments to other destinations will require a tailor made insurance quotation, please speak to a member of staff.