Good morning

I am writing to say a huge thankyou to you all !

In December 2017 we organised our move from our villa in Areos,Seacaves back to the UK with your company. The organisation from the beginning was fantastic, everyone went out of their way to be helpful and then 3 lovely chaps (can’t remember their names ) packed up our villa. They worked like Trojans and with great good humour. In September last year we took our packing cases out of storage at Wincanton and again 2 lovely helpful chaps unloaded it all into the garage of our new house. I say new , we have moved to an old cottage in the lovely village of Nunney in Somerset , and have spent the last year with a house full of builders, painters, electricians…..! Eventually they all left us 2 weeks ago and with great trepidation I began to unpack the 76 dust covered Peter Morton packing cases.

I have this minute emptied the last one !!…and raise a glass to you all. Not one broken or missing piece ( except the one I dropped !) The packing was superb, everything …. even the most fragile terracotta Omani pots that we have had for years and treasure greatly were packaged superbly and survived nearly 2 years of shipping and storage !

They say moving is a traumatic experience, you all made it great …well as great as it ever can be !! ( and my husband and I are still talking to each other !!!)

A huge heartfelt…..if very belated…. thankyou to you all.

Jean Shepherd