Import a car to Cyprus

The following is a short explanation of the procedure for importing a car to Cyprus. It is important to get this right and to be aware of the tasks to be completed before leaving and the potential costs when importing and registering your car in Cyprus. Do not assume that bringing your car to Cyprus will be financially viable. Cyprus has very high registration taxes on most cars. This is especially true if the car to be imported is an older model or one with high emmissions. Very often the registration tax can be more than the cost of the vehicle. It is also worthwhile checking the “annual circulation tax” which is the tax you will pay every year to keep the car on the road. This is also dependant on the age and emmissions of the car and can seem quite extortionate.

Decide if worthwhile importing car into Cyprus

Visit the following Government website.   Here you can enter the details of the car you would like to import and find out how much the registration tax of the imported car would be. Alternatively send us a copy of your log book and we can assist you with this.

There are two different options when shipping a vehicle from the U.K to Cyprus, you can either send the vehicle with the RORO service or Containerised, please find both explained below.

To send RORO (vehicle ferry): Deliver vehicle to either Bristol or Southampton for freight to Cyprus, when it arrives in Limassol we arrange customs clearance, after clearance you would then collect vehicle from the port.  The vehicle must be empty as goods are not secure in vehicle during transportation. We can also offer a collection service..

To send the vehicle Containerised: deliver vehicle to our U.K partner’s depot in Somerset, it then is loaded into the next available 40ft shared container for onward shipping to our depot in Cyprus. We would arrange customs clearance in Limassol where you would meet our shipping agent, once container has been delivered to our depot and unloaded, we would then arrange for vehicle to be delivered or you to collect. With this option you can pack the vehicle with goods as long as driver’s seat is empty, we would need an inventory of the goods for customs purposes.  Again we can quote to collect from your address.

You must not fill in export on V5 form as vehicle needs to still be registered in UK until it is registered on Cypriot plates.
You would need to be in Cyprus when the vehicle arrives and have all original documents in your name for customs, V5, passport and your driving Licence as we will need them when you attend customs. You will be responsible for any duties , or work required to meet the MOT pass standard as this is not included in our charges

We offer Marine Insurance for all cars.