Packing up yourself vs getting your movers to pack for you

So you’re planning to move house this year… Will you pack up all of your belongings yourself, or will you get the professionals in to help?

Let us help you make your decision by detailing the benefits and implications of your options.

There are three main options when deciding how you will pack up your belongings:

  • Outsource completely – opt for professional packing of all of your goods
  • DIY – pack all of your goods yourself
  • Combination – your shipping company partly pack your belongings e.g. your large furniture and high-value items

Of course, your decision will depend on your personal preference and budget. There will be different price points for professional and part-packing compared to packing by yourself.

Other important things to think about:

  1. How much are you packing?

You’ll likely be thinking about what you will bring with you to your new home abroad. Will you downsize your possessions or bring everything? You’ll likely want to use the move as an opportunity to declutter your belongings.

What will the cost implications be? Of course, the more you bring, the more space you will need on a shipping crate and therefore the higher the cost. Try to estimate how many boxes you’re going to need for the most accurate quotation from your moving company.

  1. Think about the insurance implications

Typically, insurance considerations apply to international moves when you’re shipping your belongings overseas.

If you pack everything by yourself, you can secure insurance for total loss, this includes if the ship sinks or your possessions go overboard.

However, if your goods are professionally packed, they can be insured not only for a total loss but also for damage. This might be the preferable option if you’re packing to move abroad – consult your shipping agent for advice on marine insurance.

  1. Unpacking on the other end 

PMR offers a full unwrapping service and re-assembly.

Unpacking boxes is left to the client as most people want to do in their own time at their own pace. This is understandable – you want to make your new house a home!

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