As we entered in to our twelfth year of trading, we decided to amalgamate our warehouse and office in to one state of the art facility.  We had slowly but surely started to outgrow the original warehouse depsite efforts to fit in more storage crates this was no longer possible.

With this in mind, we set about finding a larger facility with room for our continued expansion not only for storage crates but for our ever increasing fleet of vehicles.  We had for years looked at The Ayia Varvara Industrial Estate and thought this would be the perfect location.  Once we put the word out we were looking we were lucky enough to be contacted by an independent surveyor who said he knew of a warehouse on The Ayia Varvara Industrial Estate which was looking for a new business to move in to.

We had a look and it was perfect, being at least six times bigger than our original warehouse and the offices situated within it, it was exactly what we were looking for.  We then had the daunting task to undertake to move some 300 storage crates to our new location.

With the careful planning our move went logistically smooth and we had completed the warehouse move within two weeks.  We then waited for Christmas to come and the final part of moving the office was completed by the end of January.

The way we have been able to spread out our storage crates and already increased by another 100 as demand is so high.  We are also able to store vehicles and boats, both inside and outside now.

When we had the new signs placed on the building it definitely made our move completed.  You can see us very clearly from the highway as you can see below!

Our location has encouraged customers from outside Paphos to also come and see us.  We offer anyone to come and view our storage facility and we can assure you you will be very impressed.  We are trading to standards agreed by The British Association of Removers and are the only Company in Paphos to comply with these.

Thinking of moving? we will come and give you a free no obligation quotation!