Registering a Vehicle in Cyprus

Here at PMR we work hard to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.  We now organise and assist all the below with you for a small fee.

When you import a car into Cyprus once customs clearance has been declared it must be registered at the traffic department. (The customs clearance fee’s are included in our shipping costs)

The duties are to be paid for importing a car.
Please use the link attached to work out the duties for yourself.

You will require the log book to do this.

You can apply for relief of duties if you have not resided in Cyprus for more than 180 days in the last year. You must have owned the vehicle for more than 6 months and have more than 6000KM on the mileage.

For relief of duties from and EU country you will require all paperwork mentioned below for evidence:

1. Proof of normal residence outside the Republic
Disposal of property abroad
Employment details (income tax returns, social insurance records)
Children’s school certificates of attendance
Termination of employment
Utility bills, e.g. telephone/electricity/water-supply bills

2. Proof of possession and use of the motor vehicle outside the Republic for a minimum of 6 months
Motor vehicle registration document
Certificate of insurance in applicant’s name from and to
Valid driving license
Bill of lading or delivery order or ticket
Form C.104O

3. Proof of transfer of normal residence in the Republic
House: purchase or rent agreement
Employment in the Republic
Transfer of household effects
Registration of children for school
Payment receipt for the issue of a residence permit

The Registration of a vehicle€150, number plates€20, MOT€35 and Insurance (price from your insurer) Road Tax (We can assist with Vehicle tax calculation) is then left to organise.