Cyprus Domestic Storage

We can offer first class Cyprus domestic storage facilities within our warehouse should you require domestic storage.  Our service includes, after the initial meeting with our surveyor, bringing on our vehicles storage crates to your home.

We will load all required items in to each crate compiling a full inventory which items are in which crate.  Once the crate is full, we will return the vehicle to our warehouse.

At the warehouse the crate is forklifted back in to its original designated area and remain there until redelivery is required.

For redelivery the reverse is done i.e. the crate is forklifted on to our vehicles, taken to your home and unloaded item by item in to where you require.

The use of this system reduces handling of personal effects individually and therefore reduces any potential damage occurring.  You also have the added advantage of having each crate delivered individually should you have had a renovation.

We are also able to store “oversized” goods within our warehouse should you need special items stored.

For more information regarding our Domestic storage services please visit the following page:

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