CAR SHIPPING CYPRUS – Brexit has dramatically affected many aspects of life in Cyprus, for both residents and citizens planning to relocate to the Island. Everything has changed when it comes to exporting or importing a car, or even receiving a simple online delivery from the UK. It was relatively straightforward to export a vehicle from the UK to Cyprus before, but post-Brexit, this has changed and become slightly more complicated. We spoke with Peter Morton, Director of Peter Morton Removals, a leading removal company in Cyprus, to find out if we can still import a car and how it all works. He also shared what we should do to prepare a vehicle for the car shipping company. For anyone considering a move or wanting to import a car to Cyprus, this is essential reading, to decide whether to bring your car with you, or buy a new one, when you get here.

By going through the stages of exporting a car to Cyprus, we cover the car shipping rules and regulations, costs, and practicalities to help you make an informed decision. Peter Morton offers sound advice when he says, “Our clients really need to consider the taxes on importing a vehicle. This depends on the age of the car and the level of emissions. It has to make economic sense for the owner. We have years of experience in this field having safely imported hundreds of cars for our clients. Our team is always available to advise on how to import a car to the Island”.


If you are thinking of bringing your car to Cyprus, where do you start? As with so many decisions, the main thing to do at this stage is to do your research. There are various options for car shipping to take into consideration. These include shipping your vehicle in a container with your other belongings, opting for a shared space, or going for the cheaper option of Roll-On/Roll-Off (Ro-Ro). Roll-On/Roll-Off is where the vehicle is driven on and off the ship, and will always be the least expensive option.


Once you have decided on your preferred method for shipping your car, you need to speak with your shipper about the additional costs. These might include collection costs in the UKdelivery from port to any area in Cyprusduties and taxes. When you have decided on the best option for your shipping, now is the time to look at the actual costs that you will have to pay to import the vehicle. As Peter mentioned before, this will depend primarily on the age and model of the car and the level of emissions. You also need to consider that you will have to pay 19% vat and 10% in duties. Other extra costs that you should also bear in mind include the LogbookRoad TaxMOTnew number plates, and the SVA test.


The first thing to remember here is that the vehicle must be in ‘free circulation in the UK. This means that it must not have any outstanding loans, duties, or taxes on the car. Be warned because they do carry out checks on the vehicle when it arrives in Cyprus. Another rule that has been introduced, is that the car must not be older than five years. The only exception is where you are shipping it in a container with your own household goods. It is also essential that you have owned the car and have had it registered in your name for a minimum period of six months.

Valid British MOT – if you need to have your car collected by the car shipping company in the UK, it will need to have a valid MOT. If it does not have a valid MOT, it can be collected at an additional cost, on a low-level car transporter.


  • Vehicle Registration Document
  • Evidence of Insurance
  • Copy of your Passport
  • Invoice or Receipt for the purchase of the vehicle
  • Contract of Sale or Rental Agreement for your property in Cyprus
  • Evidence (if applicable) of Employment in Cyprus
  • In addition, to all of the above, you will also need proof that you have shipped your vehicle in the form of a Bill of Lading. This acts as a Contract and Receipt and is one of the most important documents you need during the car shipping process.


Now you have done your sums and are going ahead with your export, you need to prepare your car for the journey. If you have elected for the Roll-On/Roll-Off option, it is paramount to make sure that your vehicle is totally empty. If it is going in your container, you are allowed to use the surrounding space to fill with your belongings, but always remember to leave the driver’s seat clear, as obviously access will be needed for loading.

Before you deliver your car or have it collected, make sure you take the time to do the following:

Start by cleaning your car. Why you ask? What is the point if it is about to go on a long journey? A clean car makes it easier to see and assess any damage to the vehicle prior to shipping the car. Take the time to go around the vehicle and make any notes of dents or scratches, before you hand it over. Take phone photos at this stage. By doing this, you will be able to check the car at the other end, and not wonder if the shipping company has done any damage or not. It makes it fair to both sides.

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